Q & As 问与答

1. Is that useful for teenager to wear glasses for myopia correction?
  Concave lens (glasses) is able to correct the light refraction of far object and enable image focus on retina thus enable clear vision. But glasses unable to improve vision adjustment capability. Initial stage of wearing glasses will improve vision adjustment capability but after a short period of time, both with and without glasses will cause continuous increal of myopia degree. Prolong usage of glasses may result in eye ball shape change or slight protusion.
 2. How about laser treatment for myopia correction?
Teenager below 18 year old, vision development is still in progress and yet to achieve stability, thus not recommended for laser correction.
3. Is Boston Vision Techinque Reliable?
Boston Vision enhancement technique is the 1st breakthrough innovation in the world using training method. It is painless, non-invasive, safe, fast and effective. There were thousands of people successfully graduated from the training and achieved vision 1.0 level without rebound. Vision without glasses is a reality.
 4. Why focus on teenager only? How about other age group?
The company’s focus is on teenager from age 8-18 year old. Main reason is that this age group has the best vision adjustment capability which makes training effectiveness very pronounce. The same training can be used for adults as well but the training period may be longer.
5. Will the myopia degree rebound?
Boston Vision enhancement technique is focused on enhancing human eye vision adjustment capability. Once it has been fully recovered with vision 1.0 level and with proper eyecare after the training, the capability can be self sustained with low chance of rebound.
6. Please simply elaborate Boston Vision enhancement technique and its required training time.
It is a painless, non-invasive, green physical training method which has proven very effective for myopia and amblyopia. The effect is significant and obvious. With full commitment on training requirements, teenager can achieve vision enhancement results within 6 months through training using special instrument and training glasses.
7. Where can I find the Boston Vision enhancement centre in Malaysia?
We now have 8 centers located in Penang and Kuala Lumpur area. Please refer to <Contact Us> page.
1. 青少年近视戴眼镜有用吗?




  由於青少年(18岁上以下)视力还沒稳定,一般不鼓励进行激光矫正近视。而且费用不凡(大约RM2000/眼) 。




  目前公司只专注青少年群 (8-18周岁)。这主要是这年层的视力调节功能最强。训练后恢復的效果最好。对於成年近视者也有效,治疗時间可能长些。