Company 公司

In year 2011, Boston Vision Sdn. Bhd. has successfully introduced Boston vision technology into Malaysia market, first company providing the most effective and innovative vision enhancement training in the region. To provide a better coverage and promote the right therapy technique in addressing eyesight issues, we now have 9 centres operating in Penang and Kuala Lumpur area.
Boston Vision Sdn. Bhd. provides professional vision enhancement for myopia, hyperopia, amblyopia, and astigmatism. According to US < Washington Times> investigation, Boston vision technology has helped to reduce 10% of myopia and amblyopia population, the only country in the world that showing the decreasing but not increasing trend in myopia incidence.

2011年 Boston Vision Sdn. Bhd. 引进Boston视力提升科技至马来西亚市场,是国內首家提供最绿色安全视力保健、防治、矫 正的专业视光机构。目前公司在全国开设9间眼视力提升中心,重点推广青少年近视及弱视矫正服务。同時提高社区、学校、及父母们对视光知识及護眼保健的意识。

Boston Vision Sdn. Bhd. 是专业治疗近视、远视、弱视、散光等屈光不正的专业视光远疗、预防、保健中心。据美国<华盛顿时报>的调查,因为Boston技术的普及推广,美国近视和弱势人群,较前三年,已经下降10个百分点,是全球唯一呈现出近视发生率不升反降趋势的国家。